Comparison to other solutions


One of the main differences between this plugin and other popular digital gardens is that it integrates with Obsidian via a plugin. Disregarding the initial setup, you'll never have to touch Git. (Unless you want to.) Publishing a new note is as simple as using the publish single note command.

This also makes it much easier to only publish some of your notes, instead of your entire vault to your digital garden.

Other advantages with integrating so tightly with obsidian is that we can take advantage of the incredible plugins and themes from the community of Obsidian. So far this plugin supports obsidian specific features like Dataview Queries, Excalidraw and Obisidian themes.

Because of the various customization options, you can also use it as a simple notesharing solution, creating links to your notes to easily share them with friends and colleagues. No need to enable all the bells and whistles like backlinks, search and graphs if you don't need them.


The downside of this tight coupling with Obsidian is of course that this garden isn't as easy to integrate with other writing tools than Obsidian, as some of the other gardens is.

But if you'll ever decide to switch to another tool, all your files are still available as plain text, so switching shouldn't be too hard.