02 Commands

Publish Single Note

Will publish the currently active note, and only this. dg-publish: true must be set on the active note.

Add publish flag

This will automatically add a dg-publish: true to the frontmatter in the currently active note.

Quick Publish And Share Note

Will add a publish flag to the currently active note, publish it and copy the garden URL to your clipboard.

It essentially works the same way as manually triggering the commands Add Publish Flag --> Publish Single Note --> Copy Garden URL in sequnce.

Publish Multiple Notes

This command will publish all notes in your vault that have the dg-publish setting set to true. Depending on the number of notes, this may take a while. You can watch the progress of publication in the bottom right statusbar.

Copy Garden URL

This will copy the URL of the currently active note to your clipboard.
Make sure you have the correct Base URL in your settings, so that the copied URL is correct.

Open Publication Center

This will open the publication center dialog. Here you can view a list what files are published, changed, deleted and not yet published. You also have the option to mass-update your notes from here.

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